We are a team of professionals, who have worked with product development for more than 20 years, and are now eager to challenge the laundry industry to adapt to a modern, enlightened lifestyle. We utilize the knowledge and expertise we have amalgamated over many years in skincare, perfume and cleaning. Our idea for Laundry Society is based on what we felt was missing in the industry, items we personally had a need for. Our functional freshener range is an example of a whole new concept that makes it possible to transform your ordinary washing routine. This product line, combined with our stain removal system, means we can offer a complete package in the field of laundry and garment care, something which quite simply hasn’t existed up to now. Throughout the product development phase, we make use of ancient knowledge, passed down through generations, and mix this with clever chemistry to form a modern, sustainable attitude. Reducing your carbon footprint by making use of smarter laundry concepts is both time-saving and environmentally sustainable. We have high demands and expect a lot of our finished products and their functions, hence we never compromize on any of the ingredients.
All the research and development is carried out by us in our own lab, which in itself is unique and gives us full control of the manufacturing process.

Kaisa, Development Manager at Laundry Society:

When I was a little girl, we had a laboratory at home in our basement. My dad, who happened to be a fragrance-loving chemist, had both a darkroom where he could develop photos and a laboratory where he produced our family shampoo and setting lotion for my mum’s hairdressing salon. There were all sorts of liquids, potions, powders, bottles and volumetric flasks. Having grown up in this environment I was so used to always having the option of mixing together my own foam bath or shampoo I simply took it for granted.
I inherited the passion for scents from my father and studied aromatherapy quite early on. The essential oils turned into notes that I composed into beautifully balanced symphonies. It was amazing!

Since then I have carried on composing and creating these symphonies, both for myself and for others as I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to work as a scent creator. Fragrances play a central part in my life, a part that doesn’t take any notice of the boundary between private and professional life.

I have worked as a product developer in skincare and cosmetics since 1998, always with a genuine interest in getting the skin and skincare products to work together synergistically in the best possible way. The thought of creating result-driven skincare that really works has spurred me on over the years.
There has to be a link, a connection, between the product and the material that this product is supposed to treat. In the field of skincare, you need to understand the different skin types and what condition they are in, in order to build the right bridge between the product and the skin. In floor care, it’s the bridge between that specific type of floor surface and the cleaning, caring product. I have now brought all my previous knowledge from different industries and various surface care and am applying it to textiles with different structures, origin and fibres.

Nowadays, I have a lab both at work and one at home in my basement. The concept of being able to mix something together whenever I need it stays with me to this day.

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