Philosophy – a new approach to laundry.
Laundry Society is about starting a washing revolution and create an entirely new approach and attitude around laundry. An awakening and change in how we handle our washing, take care of our environment and the quality of our textiles.

A whole new world of garment care.
We have developed our product line based on the theory that the treatment of clothes and other textiles should be tailored to each individual piece. There are lots of different ways to care for a garment and quite often it wouldn’t even have to come near the washing machine. They could be treated with our functional laundry sprays. If you happen to get a stain on your shirt or dress, you no longer have to fill a whole washing machine to be laundered with stain-removing detergent.

Keeping the environment in mind.

Our idea is all about reducing the number of washes and refreshing more often instead. That way you will help the textiles last longer, use less energy and will release far less chemicals into the environment than if you put a wash on just out of habit. We demand high quality ingredients from our suppliers and always check the origin of the ingredients to ensure both sustainability and top quality performance. Our products consist largely of natural ingredients.

Furthermore, a great deal of precious water will be saved if everyone refreshes their clothes instead of washing them. Read more about our work with United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals here. Laundry Society as a company and brand is eager to progress and stay at the forefront of important environmental research, which is why we might change our product content in the future if new, previously unknown information is discovered about ingredients.

A holistic way of thinking

Laundry Society would like to merge modern ideas with the old way of caring for clothes and textiles. We have researched how people laundered and cared for their garments in the past, where more time was spent looking after your wardrobe, which we feel is just as important today as it was then. Giving your favourite outfits a bit of extra TLC and remembering that they will last longer if you do.

Seize the moment.
Put on a playlist, enjoy and make the most of the time you spend on taking care of your clothes.

In today’s society, many people feel they don’t have enough time, they are stressed and rushing from one appointment to the next. Our clever, time-saving laundry sprays can make your everyday life that little bit easier.

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